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Recruitment-Guru is an online coaching course for anyone who is unemployed or simply looking to change jobs, it’s structured to ensure that YOU are successful in securing the job.

Follow the step-by-step coaching modules and beat the competition for a job every time!
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Learn the Trade Secrets from a Top Recruiter!

A structured plan based upon proven results driven tactics and achieving Key Performance Indicators.

  • Understand the UK job market

    Learn how to understand the UK job market, opportunities available and volume of competition.

  • Build a Strategy

    Learn how to create a professional profile that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Walk the Road Less Travelled

    Learn the secrets of how Recruiters search and find the right talent for a job opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Successful Recruitment Demands a Quality Process

How can I be found and selected for a job? +

Let me show you how Recruiters searching for Candidates for a specific Job will find you. Find out how you can gain the greatest volume of hits for the type of work that you are looking for.

How can I get noticed online? +

Your online Profile is equally as important as your CV or Résumé!

A Recruiter will search with Context Keywords and this will return any online presence that you may have, may it be social media, a blog, tweet or even attendance at an exhibition or event. You will learn how to create a Profile that will ensure you are represented professionally and found.


How can I create a CV that will get me an interview? +

CVs or Résumés that simply list your work history, limit your potential of being found by a Recruiter.

Using a CV Writing service will cost you more than the cost of membership to Recruitment-Guru and will not be as effective as creating one by yourself with the aid of our trade secret tips.

Let me show you what Recruiters look for in a great CV or Résumé, I will provide you with both the ideal format and the "Achievement Patterns" that we Recruiters search for.

How can I find out what an employer is looking for? +

Most Job Descriptions are simply a list of responsibilities, skills and experience required by the Employer. They are not performance-based.

They usually fail to tell you exactly what you must do if employed, or describing the work that must be done, or specify how it should be done, by when, and how this will be measured and rewarded. I show you why a performance-based Job description is vital to your success and will coach you on how to gain this important information from the Recruiter so that you can respond with a CV or Résumé  that reflects a solution to the Employer's needs.

How do Recruiters operate? +

This is a vital part of the selection process. I will coach you on how Recruiters operate, how to ensure that you are considered for a job role, what to do, and definitely what not to do.

Recruiters are gatekeepers, they are the first hurdle that you have to break through. Let me show you how and to gain their support in selecting you for an Employer interview.

How can I manage the Recruitment Process? +

The Recruitment Process starts with you seeking to be employed and ends with the day you commence work.

Most Job Seekers are unaware of these important key milestones within the Recruitment Process, therefore Let's walk the road less travelled and reveal a Candidate's progress seen from the Recruiter's point of view. From this perspective you will avoid the pitfalls and gain an advantage over the competition.

How can I manage my performance at the job interview? +

A Recruiter can take you 90% of the way to securing your new job but the last 10% towards success is totally dependent upon the your performance at the Job Interview. I will provide you with vital interview tips, from preparation, through to how to respond to those killer interview questions.

How can I negotiate the Job Offer? +

I will give you advice on managing a job offer, salary negotiations, key questions to ask you future employer, how to manage your current employer when resigning, and most importantly – how to avoid any last minute disasters.